Plastic-Free Bathroom Tips

July 23, 2018


Plastic Free July may be coming to an end, but your dedication to reducing plastic doesn't have to! Living plastic-free all year long becomes easy once you get used to it; after a while, it seems odd that anyone uses Ziploc bags and store-bought shampoo when the alternatives are so much cheaper, healthier, and greener. 


In my last post I highlighted a few tips for transitioning to a plastic-free kitchen. Here, I thought I'd list some of the easiest ways to make your bathroom plastic-free! 





  • Make some of your own cosmetics:

    In my green bathroom guide, I posted recipes for a witch hazel and calendula toner, a diluted castile soap shampoo, and an apple cider vinegar conditioner. I store these in 4 oz glass apothecary jars which are not only plastic-free (besides the lids, unfortunately), but pretty as well. I also buy jojoba oil in bulk and pour smaller portions into a glass pump bottle to use as a moisturizer. 


  • Invest in reusable makeup wipes:

    Instead of using disposable cotton pads or cotton balls to wipe off eye makeup, I use a set of reusable cotton rounds. I toss them in the washing machine along with towels each week, and they come out clean and ready to reuse--much better than buying new cotton pads in plastic packaging every month or so. 


  • Buy paper q-tips:

    Some q-tips are made of plastic, and others are made of paper. Go for the latter! They usually cost about the same, but the paper ones will actually decompose and return to the earth.

  • Use bar soap:

    Who needs liquid soap in plastic packaging? Bar soap is cheaper, longer-lasting, and less expensive, and it's typically free of harsh chemicals. I keep a bar of soap next to the sink and another in the shower. If you like the feel of liquid soap, try diluting castile soap with water in a reusable glass soap dispenser. 


  • Make your own cleaning supplies:

    My homemade cleaning spray is just castile soap and essential oils! Mix it up in a glass spray bottle and use on just about everything. You can also use diluted vinegar and baking soda as natural, low-waste cleaning solutions. Some stores even sell castile soap and vinegar in bulk, so you could potentially bring your glass bottle to the store!


  • Use rags and wooden brushes to clean instead of paper towels:

    Paper towels, besides being wasteful in their own right, often come packaged in plastic. Save money and trees by using cleaning rags or wooden scrub brushes to clean your bathroom! 


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